Handwriting Help! Part 1

August 9, 2010 at 7:04 pm Leave a comment

Ahhh, the beginning of another school year.  The beginning of the struggle with our children to have NEAT and LEDGIBLE handwriting.  Each child that I have worked with for over ten years has come to my clinics with some type of coordination issues.  I have seen so many parents who are frustrated with handwriting!  (I actually use the quadrapod grasp, which is incorrect!!  Funny thing is when I try to teach my clients the correct way to hold their pencils, they inevitably notice that I am holding my pencil the wrong way!)  Smart little ones!  😉

There are a number of techniques used for handwriting help.  Today, I’d like to write about the actual writing utensil.  Most of us get the school list and see a package of number 2 pencils, sharpened.  Right?!?!  Well, we anxiously bust into that package, sharpen them to a neat point and then hope that our kids don’t accidentally stab themselves.  What we don’t think about is that our children’s little hands may actually have trouble holding that big pencil. 

Here’s the rule of thumb….the child will grasp an object with the most stable of grasps.  This means that the child will generally hold onto the utensil with his entire hand if given the option.  This is for a greater stability/control of the utensil.  So, if we give the child a smaller pencil/pen/crayon, he is more likely to use the accepted “tripod grasp”  since there isn’t a whole lot of room to hold onto a smaller utensil.   The child falls naturally into a nice tripod or holding with the thumb, and index finger, with the pencil resting on the middle finger.

So, let’s go moms and dads, break those crayons and pencils in 1/2 and let your child show you the correct way to hold a writing utensil!

MORE to COME!!!!


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