Organizing Home School/Virtual School Classrooms – Part 1

October 9, 2011 at 11:17 am Leave a comment

I homeschool my children and remember how daunting the task was of setting up our “classroom” last year.  My younger son has high functioning autism and the ADHD symptoms.  As I watched him run in constant motion around my home, I felt overwhelmed and fearful that I would not succeed.  I can imagine many parents of neurotypical children struggle with this also.  In the next weeks, I will write about what’s worked for us and welcome your comments and feedback.

Let’s start with the preparation.  We are huge fans of the social story in our home.  To begin, we took pictures of Joshua, his desk, books, paper, pencils, etc.  The book started out with, “My name is Joshua and I love to learn new things.  I like to play with letters, trains, elevators….”  So, we outlined Joshua’s strengths and favorite activities to bring his attention to the book.  Next, we used the pictures of school supplies and named each one for him. “Here are some things that I may use in school.”  Finally, we had him sit at his desk and wrote on that picture, “I am very happy and feel proud of myself that I am a big boy and can have school in my house.”

We read this throughout the weeks preceeding school.  He was ready and this year, wants to have his book near him for security.

For all of us, knowing what to expect allows us to feel more comfortable and prepared for what’s ahead.


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