The Power of a VISUAL..Happy New Year!

December 31, 2011 at 11:56 am Leave a comment

Few things excite us and cause a feeling of starting new and fresh like New Years holiday.  It signifies a new beginning.  The visual image of the ball dropping on midnight is so powerful that people make resolutions to make actual changes to their lives.  Imagine that!  What’s the actual difference between today and tomorrow, nothing.  We aren’t different, our lives aren’t different.  We don’t see the time changing in reality…..BUT……the visual symbol of the ball and the change in the calendar carries real POWER.

I encourage you to examine your own reactions to the New Year-wheather they are positive or negative.  Then, look at your child who is a visual learner.  WoW!  The visual stories that you can create to help your child have the potential to create REAL change to their daily lives.  Giving a visual along with your verbal praises, directions, and emotions can be a great help!  The visual image you assign can help your child immensely.  I have made a great many social stories for clients (and my own children) and have seen big changes in their ability to transition and complete activities of daily living with greater ease.  We all need visuals from time to time and don’t think much about them in our own lives.  We all experience the changes that come with New Year’s Day and I’m hoping that you take a minute out of that day to reflect on your child and the potential you have to make a positive difference in his/her life!

Happy VISUAL New Year to All!

Wishing you many blessings in 2012……..from your friends at Route2Greatness.


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