Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for EASTER….

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Dear Readers,

As I hopped down the aisles of the stores this Easter season, I found some egg-citing ideas for our kids with sensory processing disorder.  As I filled my basket to the brim, I thought I’d share some ideas for your little bunnies.

Straws of all shapes and colors are found in the spring aisles.  Look for the straws that are “twisty” and shaped into all kinds of fun things.  Ask you child to use them while drinking or put a few drops of liquid soap into a shoe box tupperware filled with water, and have him blow into the straw to make bubbles in the water!  Also on shelves now are different scented liquid bubbles, soaps, and colored bubbles.

Use the boxes of Easter or spring themed stickers to make a scene for your Easter party.  Make a sign out of the stickers and poster board to welcome the Easter bunny and your family to the Easter meal.  The paper grass is fun to make by cutting small strips of construction paper and then glueing them to the sign or laying them into a basket as a filler.  All GREAT fine motor coordination boosters.

Crumble up small 2 inch by 2 inch squares of colorful tissue paper and have your child roll them into small balls.  Glue the balls into patterns on a construction paper egg to make fun creations.  You can trace and cut a paper chick out and use yellow tissue paper to make the chick’s downy coat.  Cotton balls can be glued to a paper cut out rabbit.  Just find a pattern for any Easter themed item and cut it out of construction paper….the ideas are limitless and your child’s fingers will get a fun workout without her even realizing it!

Whistles of all shapes and sizes seem to appear in the Easter aisles.  (Of course, be sure to check the age on the package.)  There are many different bunny, chick, and bird whistles in multi-packages.  Add them to a shoebox that’s made of plastic and make an oral-motor bin filled with all kinds of whistles.  Around the holidays, stores seem to sell whistles that match the season.  You can have quite a collection for great oral-motor fun!

Pipe cleaners can be formed to hold items such as candy.  It’s fun to see if you can make different Easter themed shapes together out of colored pipe cleaners. 

You can wrap colorful crochet string around a balloon and then dip it into starch.  Be sure to wrap it in all directions, leaving only small spaces to give it stability later on.  When it’s dry, pop the balloon and you have a cool, egg-shaped design!  The starch is messy and you’ll have to dip and roll the balloon covered with string until it’s saturated.  Let dry in a pan (12-24 hours) and then after it’s dry, cut out an oval in the front and center.  Fill with Easter grass and you have a cool basket shaped like an egg!  This activity is fun but very messy.  It may be great to do this craft together and not focus on how messy your child’s hands get. 

Paper plates can be used for a bunny’s face and you can glue bunny ears onto the top!  Use crayons or markers to decorate your bunny’s face.  Use pieces of felt to glue on eyes, nose and mouth! 

Have more ideas?  Share with us….. HAPPY EASTER!!  Thanks for hopping down the Route2Greatness with us!!


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